In 2008.. The year i became 'smarter' financially

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

So it started in 2008. Back then mummy just finished my college and just got posted to Kuching Sarawak.

Before that; everything mummy had was from your grandfather.

Your dad had just quit his job because he wanted to try out his own business therefore; i really didn’t have any money.

Back then when one get posted to sabah and sarawak; it takes 3 months for government to process the salary; therefore i got my first pay 3 months after working ( a whole lumpsum)

Before that; your grandfather had loaned me about rm1000 a month for me to survive. Luckily the rental between me and aunty nadia was only rm300 each, and so the rest was for transport and food.
Food for vegetarians in Sarawak was quite cheap back then; and the maggi mee helped a lot too.
So when i got my first salary that was rm10k plus; you can imagine how crazy i got🤣

After paying back nana the rm3000 i owed him, i was ready to spend all my money💪🏻 and so i bought the most beautiful thing i could never buy before; the macbook. It was rm3800 and i just couldn’t stop looking at it or using it. Luckily it was so beautiful that i wanted to use it everyday and that got me to start my blog: nailgalore after that (ill write about it in the future post)

So anyways; with rm 6800 gone, and me still living with rm1000, i had about RM 2000 left. I did what everyone else normally do so i gave rm1k to my grandmade (naniba) and the rest i saved.

Back then; i didnt know how to invest or save; so i left it in the bank and after accumulating some; i paid my ptptn loan that was charging me 3% interest per annum. Not too bright at that time.. but well, thats how i got started and ill tell you in the future posts why that wasnt the brightest idea.
But at that time. It was one of the best since i didnt know better. 

Yes paying off debt of 3% per annum is better than keeping in the bank that gives very small almost negligable annual interest. 

So the lesson for this post is this. If you have money around thats doing absolutely nothing in the bank or piggy bank: pay off your debts. Not losing money in interest is the same as ‘gaining’ money.

Example if i had rm5000 in the bank, and i have a credit card debt RM 5000 with 18% annual interest, pay off the cc. 

Because if not lets say if you just paid rm100, it will cost you RM 10’00 to pay it off in 98 months. If you paid it off you will be ‘gaining’ rm5000 since you didnt lose that money in the ‘future’ 

Will talk more about this in the next post. Till then.. take care princesses

Love; mummy

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