I was Bored When I Started My Nail Polish Business

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

In 2009; I got my favorite job in my hospital of choice and I was done being a houseman (which means no more assignments etc). Being in Sarawak; I kind of reached home at 5.15pm everyday; and suddenly; I was just so bored!

There was really nothing to do because aunty Nadia used to be so busy because she joined the cardiology department and being there is insanely busy (I hardly saw her).

My outings with all my other friends was usually on weekends only and so besides talking to your Appa for 2 hours over the phone; I really didn’t have anything much to do.

During that time; I had two obsession: nail polishes, and my new MacBook Pro. And so I used to spend a lot of time buying those Opi nail polishes I could get and used to blog about it in my nail polish blog those days; called nailgalore.

After a year or so of blogging; I realize that I had way too many nail polishes. Even more than what I could use in a lifetime. And so I started selling them as second hand nail polishes. After sometime; people started asking for more different colors and so I started another website called Nailfiesta. I started Nailfiesta because I didn’t want the blogging affecting my sales. You know like I didn’t want both the pleasure and business to mix. Well big mistake there though. Because it was difficult for me to redirect traffic from my blog (which was high that time) to my online website.

So anyways; Nailfiesta was created 100% using my MacBook Pro. (Remember I said I was obsessed with it!) everyday; I would wake up early, and sleep late just to figure out this whole online business thingy. It was exciting, sales didn’t roll in immediately; but after 2 years; it all paid off.

Ill talk more about Nailfiesta in the future post. But my conclusion for today’s post is that no matter what you do; you cant expect things to happen immediately just because you wanted to. Sometimes; it just happens unexpectedly. Like me it was because of my passion at that time was to nail polish and so nailgalore (the blog) already had followings. And after that selling after 1 year wasn’t that difficult because people already know me. If you just wanted to start something out of the blue and expect return: forget about it. It doesn’t work that way.

The business part is something else that I learned. A lot of mistakes but I will write more about that in the future. Till then.. take care..


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