Welcome year 2020

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Dear A&A;
Today is the second day in year 2020 and im just dead sick. Cant even enjoy my new year and so any of those long list resolution i wanted to do (ie workout). Both of you girls are sick too!

Today; mummy wanted to tell you about the achievements mummy have over the pass one decade.

Its so funny how fast time flies and how we always think we haven’t achieved anything. But over the course of 10 years; when i looked back; I’ve achieved so much!

10 years ago; year 2010; i was 24, just graduated and started working as a PRP in Kuching Sarawak. Your dad was doing small time project job because no one wanted to hire him. 

Today; your dad and i are financially independent. Even by having the two of you; with our minimal lifestyle; we can survive not working. But we are still working because it gives us some kind of purpose to wake up every morning.

10 years ago; i was single, and having fun in Kuching. Today; i have both of you and having a different kind of ‘fun’.

10 years ago; i was a ‘nomad’ staying in a small room; and today; i have a huge house that can fit all of us in.

10 years ago; and today; im still having almost the same weight and wearing clothes same size. Back then i still remember people telling me how ‘fat’ ill get after kids. But somehow that didnt happen: Yeay!

The list just goes on. 

What im trying to say is this; dont beat yourself up if you cant achieve whatever you want to achieve in 1 year. Sometimes; you need to give it some time. And trust me; if you put your heart into it; you will get it. I know you can my princess..


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