How rich dad poor dad changed my perception but Cashflow Quadrant changed my life! Part 1

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Years ago, back in 2007/2008, when i started my nail polish business, i had no idea about anything related to financial management. Though working in the hospital was busy, i never thought about ‘retirement’. 

Its probably because i just started my career, or probably also because i loved my job. I thought it was the most fulfilling thing I’ve done and i was changing lives. Every patient i met was ‘unique’ and i always thought i was a part of their life journey when our path crosses in the hospital.

The only problem i had was ‘money’. Though i was making way more than the average degree holder, i knew that it wasn’t enough to ‘sustain’ my life if i were to get married and have kids. 

Of course just like every other women, i also thought that this whole financial thingy will have to be sorted out by my husband later on. With my quite attractive face back then, people always said that i could ‘land’ a rich guy. But the only problem was, i was already stuck with your dad! And he was definitely not rich! On top of that he had also quit his job and try out business but it was a failure and he was literally ‘jobless’ for few years! Now how was this guy, going to take care of me financially. i was getting scared but i wasnt going to leave him. i loved him too much to do that.

And so, i decided to take matter into my hand and do what ive known for years now; business. 

Your grandfather, and mine and the generations before that were all businessman and i know that when one had business: we can at least live comfortably. 

And so, with that i started Nailfiesta, the nail polish business and still continue working for the job i loved.

Generally, the money i got, i would put back into the business to grow, or if i had more, i would pay off the ptptn debt i had (RM 80’000). 

In my mind, i was going to do what i was taught since young; dont take on debt, and if you have, pay that off. 

Thats also a reason why i didnt purchase any property back then. It was just before 2012, and the price of house was low and didnt really increase for more than a decade. That time i thought that to buy a house, must have cash. No loans! 

And so all was fine, i was paying off my debt, and buying things i never could buy before i had salary ( iphone, ipod, macbook etc) yes all apple products😃, no savings (maybe only 3 months expenses). 

And then one day, my friend; your aunty ivory invited me to join a network marketing seminar. I didnt know what it was but i was like ok why not, learn something new. And that is when; my life literally ‘changed’.

Ill talk about it in the next post..

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